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Sprinter Ditch Lights

Price: $350 (Includes two pod lights, brackets, harness, and hardware)
Compatibility: VS30 (2019+ Sprinter Vans)

Light up the trail.

Finding those hidden campsites or trail signs in the dark is now easier and more assured with this proper lighting upgrade to your Sprinter van. 

We’ve all been there - driving around in the dark on some back road in the desert, totally lost - but sure that the best campsite is right around the corner, you just need better lighting. With the dust flying, and the lacking factory headlights, it can become far too difficult to find your way - especially in the dark. These two sturdy mounted work-specific spotlights on each corner of the hood, pointed in exactly the place you want them will help you light up the trail. Easy to install, includes the brackets, lights, wiring harness and all of the hardware, this lighting upgrade will make your nighttime trail navigation far more confident and assured.

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