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Bumper Lights 

Price: $350 (Free shipping)
Compatibility: 2007+ Sprinter

Light 'em up.

OHV 6” lights with 2500 lumens each and a solid aluminum powder coated bracket that bolts easily to the existing bumper. No interference with any sensors, and still allows you to use that stepping place to reach the engine bay. Increase the light capacity of your Revel, Storyteller, or Sprinter van with this easy to install accessory upgrade.

What build features make it special?

As with any product - we set out to make something that either doesn’t exist, makes van-life easier, or is a clear improvement upon existing market options. Additional lighting when you’re out on the trail is a necessary addition to navigate gravel or backcountry roads and the Sprinter bumper provides a perfect location for just such an addition. Making it so the bumper step location is still useful as an actual step too is a product of our innovative and creative engineering team. A bracket made from durable powder-coated aluminum, mounted with stainless steel hardware, and utilizing waterproof lights that pump out 2500 lumens each - it’s a fool-proof and easy to install kit that comes with the wiring, connectors, an in-line fuse, relay, switch, and trim piece to fit nicely and seamlessly into the Mercedes dash for that OEM+ look, feel, and finish.

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