A Smooth and Safe Ride


All of us have probably been on a road trip or two that involved a noisy or unforgiving suspension, and it likely isn’t one of our favorite memories. Ride quality is one aspect of a vehicle that you can’t afford to ignore because it either makes or breaks the driving experience. Even if you have all the other bells and whistles of a custom van, a poor suspension can quickly ruin the trip and put you at risk of mechanical issues. 

The OHV Ride Control Kit is designed to give you the smoothest ride possible. It includes more durable replacement shocks and struts built by Bilstein (SumoSprings sold separately). The fact is, RAM ProMaster suspensions are simply not made to handle the rough terrain that many adventurers are seeking. Installing the OHV Ride Control Kit will produce a significantly smoother ride as well as reinforce your vans suspension system. It's the ultimate upgrade to the ProMaster suspension. 


  • Ride Control Kit and Installation (Accompanied with Lift Kit): $975

    • Installed without Lift Kit - $1800  

  • Recommended Upgrades:

    • SumoSprings: $350 (parts and labor)

    • All-Terrain Tires at 245/75/16:

      • $265 each​

      • Set of 4: $1060 

      • Set of 5: $1325

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ride Control Kit void my vans factory warranty?

No. Not at all.

Does the Ride Control Kit change the ride quality?

Only for the better - it's the ultimate upgrade to the ProMaster Suspension. The Ride Control Kit provides a much smoother and enjoyable driving experience for you and all your passengers on board.

Is There Any Maintenance?

No. The struts and shocks simply need to be installed. These parts are engineered to provide a better driving expereince and actually increase and upgrade the life of your van's suspension and protect other parts as well.