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Copy of OHV ProMaster Ladder Tire Carrier 2-min-min.jpg

Ladder Tire Carrier

Price: $1850
Compatibility: 2014+ RAM ProMaster

Easier access to your roof, easier ability to carry a spare, and easy to install.

The OHV ProMaster Ladder Tire Carrier allows you to bring along the fun when you’re out on the road in your RAM ProMaster Camper Van. Mounted from the hinges, and easy to install - this OHV accessory makes the ProMaster that much more capable.

What build features make it special?


By utilizing a claw-like hinge clamp design, the entirety of the loads on the ladder are placed onto those hinges, and the installation is simple without the need to remove hinge bolts, the door, or cut weather-stripping.

"Super easy to install, lightweight and now we can have that spare that our van didn’t come equipped with." - Jason

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