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The Davey Jackson Van Build

The Davey Jackson Build is designed to give you freedom to explore the wilderness.


Named after one of the earliest explorers of North America, the Davey Jackson adventure camper van is designed to carry on that same legacy by giving you the freedom to explore. This dynamic floorplan is made to comfortably carry 1-2 passengers and fits both Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit models. Perhaps one of the best parts of the Davey Jackson is its combination of comfortable space and stainless steel shower all inside a 144 wheelbase. Together, these elements open up a new range of travel duration and possibilities.

The Davey Jackson shown here was designed specifically for our friends John and Michelle, long-time skiers and travel enthusiasts. John and Michelle decided to make some upgrades to the electrical system and exterior components to enhance their off-grid capabilities.

Like all of our van builds, the Davey Jackson can be modified to meet your specific lifestyle and preferences. Whether you’re a skier, biker, sight seeker, or all of the above, this layout could be the one for you and your van life.

Filmed by Brady Mickelson -

See the full details here: The Davey Jackson

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