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Van Build Highlight: Sundance Kid

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

Off Highway Van is driven by an innovative, exploratory spirit and is committed to making custom vans that can truly travel anywhere. Our newest model, The Sundance Kid, comes with upgraded lithium batteries, KO2 tires, and a Lo-Pro roof rack, all engineered to tackle any challenge. For only $149,500, this custom adventure van packs power and comfort into one unstoppable machine.

Off-Highway Van - Who are we?

Located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah along the Wasatch Front, OHV is one of the leading van customization companies in the western United States. Off Highway Van was started back in 2016 by founder Aaron Pfadt, a long-time engineer. He and his team combine their diverse industry expertise to create some truly personalized, livable vans.

Customization is one of the most important parts of a camper van. We walk with you through every step of the building process, making your dream van a reality. Off Highway Van knows that many of our customers are explorers and adventure seekers who are passionate about the world we live in. That’s why it’s our goal to not only help create a unique, customized van for each valued customer but also to deliver a vehicle that can truly travel anywhere. Whether you are chasing down the best snow, setting up camp in Escalante, or just taking advantage of the beauty of our National Parks, Off Highway Van is here to make sure you enjoy every moment of that journey.

The Sundance Kid

Custom Campervan Adventure Rig from Off Highway Van

One of our most popular builds is The Sundance Kid. This 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 has been upgraded for all-terrain and all seasons. Our newest Sprinter van for sale packs durability, power, and comfort all in one vehicle made to take you anywhere you want to go.

  • All-Seasons

Whether you're planning on exploring around the Salt Lake City area, heading into the wild, or just taking a classic road trip, power and electricity are must-haves. The main source of power comes from our custom-made 180W roof-mounted solar panel. That energy is then stored in the upgraded 210AH of Lithium batteries which help power the integrated house 12V system and 2000W inverter. Battery life fluctuates with usage, temperature, and weather conditions -- all things that the Sundance Kid prepares you for with upgraded lithium batteries, a solar panel system, and an efficient inverter. Control panels and lighting are also conveniently located throughout the vehicle.

Gear hauling adventure rig from Off Highway Van

In conjunction with the solar and energy storage systems, The Sundance Kid also comes with an upgraded Isotherm Slim Line water heater which means you have how water whenever you need it. The water heater’s compact components are positioned to ensure equal heating of all water in the tank and lines are installed inside the vehicle to protect from demanding weather conditions. Water systems are one of the most essential features in a custom van, and if done incorrectly, maintenance can turn into a constant chore.

Both the electrical and water systems are engineered to optimize energy usage and performance. Together they compliment each other making this custom Sprinter van more efficient and user-friendly.

  • All-Terrain

The Sundance Kid is made to go off-road. With over 15 inches of clearance, OEM powder-coated wheels, and 265/70/16 BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2's, questionable backroads quickly turn into stress-free cruising. Wherever you’re going, you’re also likely to be hauling some gear around with you. While there is plenty of storage space inside the vehicle, space optimization continues with an easily accessible Lo-Pro roof rack, custom made by OHV.

The exterior also includes a rear ladder and spare tire mount for convenience and safety. All-Terrain tires and suspension will get you anywhere and the extra lighting from the 50” LED light bar on the front of the Sprinter makes navigation simple. Altogether, these features guarantee you’re prepared for any situation you might encounter on or off road.

Ski van from Off Highway Van

Go Anywhere

Off Highway Van of Salt Lake City is eager to help you start your next adventure. With years of experience and enduring relationships in the outdoor and automotive community, Off Highway Van knows what to expect and prepare for. Our systems and parts are designed for the best adventure experience and safety of our customers. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, all-season driving adventure van, look no further.

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