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The Off Highway Van Build Process

How to build a custom campervan with Off Highway Van

In a nutshell, our build process is: you imagine, we create. OK, that’s all, thanks for reading.

Just like designing your dream house, creating your perfect van is all about imagining the possibilities. That means you have some options, but don’t panic. Our process breaks down into three simple steps to make your experience smooth and exciting. Essentially, you have fun exploring the possibilities, and we do all the heavy lifting to make it happen.

1. Choose Your Floorplan And Package

First, we need to start with an outline. Begin by asking yourself “What do I plan on doing with my Off Highway Van?” Simple information like this and answers to questions such as “How many passengers do I plan on sleeping?” and “How long will my trips typically last?” narrows down the perfect floorplan and gives us a foundational starting point.

Already know what you want? Tell us about your dream van here.

During this stage, it is essential that you choose a floorplan after which, we book a build slot and your new van becomes a blank canvas you get to paint with your choice of floorplan, colors, components, and features (due to popularity, the build slot is typically set a few months out). In other words, as you wait for the build start-date, you and our team get to start on the fun stuff - designing!

2. Design Your Dream Offroad Van Interior

How to build a custom campervan with Off Highway Van

As you explore the many options, our team helps you navigate through it all. Typically, this looks like 2-3 collaborative meetings with our professional designers, engineers, and project managers to sort out the details and decide on materials.

Everything from color pallets to materials are customizable and entirely up to you. We have a wide collection of vendors and products to choose from and we strive to offer a range of products that are not only functional and attractive but are eco-friendly as well.

Some of our vendors include companies like Paper Stone and Havelock Wool which make countertops and insulation out of recycled/biodegradable materials. They, like several other of our vendors, are LEED and Rainforest Alliance certified and are deeply committed to creating a healthy planet. We share that sentiment and are continuously striving to make sustainability a more integral part of our business.

This is really where things start to come alive! For the first time, you begin to see the layout, feel the textures, and picture your "vanlife."

3. We Get to Work

After finalizing your design, we do what we do best - build. Build times typically last about 5-8 weeks and you are kept up-to-date the whole way through. Our account managers send out regular updates and supply photos of the progress of your build to keep you connected.

How to build a custom campervan with Off Highway Van

It’s in this stage you’ll get to see many of the quality and self-sustaining materials and systems you chose in the design stage installed.

When it comes to electrical, many also choose our upgraded inverters which regulate voltage, thereby optimizing energy use, and reducing potential fire hazards. Or our C-shaped solar panels which not only eliminate the emissions, noise, and fuel of a generator but also economize space by fitting around auxiliary components like roof-mounted fans. Combine that with our 150-200AH batteries and you’ll have 6-8 days of power without ever having to start your engine.

Whatever you’ve decided to include into your build, you’ll get to see all of it from start to finish. If possible, we encourage you to visit the shop and witness your van come to life. We’re always eager to show our customers the progress of their vans.

Ready to Start Your Custom Campervan?

We strive to make every build to unique, personal, and “never been done before.” It’s our customer’s creativity, ideas, and passion that carries this industry to new heights. You let your imagination “take you everywhere” and we’ll build the vans that can get you anywhere.


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