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Key Upgrades - OHV Guide

The technical side of your van build is sometimes not the most glamorous aspect, and can be overwhelming. As we have been building these camper van rigs since 2016, we're very experienced in helping you not overlook these important details.

Onboard Lithium Generator Kit:

5 kWh Heated Lithium Battery Pack

  1. Upgraded from original AGM batteries.

  2. Lithium will give you added battery life, ability for more battery load, and low depth of discharge (less batteries needed for more power).

  3. Reach out to us for our electrical document filled with more in-depth information

3.6 kW (280A) AUX Alternator

  1. 7x faster charge off alternator

  2. Run van for 15-20 minutes to top off lithium system

Rear Cargo Power Hub

  1. 12v & 110V Outlets located in rear boxes of van.

  2. Great for air pumps, cooking, and charging items out the rear door of your van.

OHV Electrical Camper Van Upgrade


Insulated Privacy Curtains- All Windows:

  1. OHV Manufactured & Designed to fit perfectly into windows

  2. Magnetic design for easy setup/takedown

  3. Helps eliminate drafts coming in from the glass of the window

OHV Camper Van Window Shades


Aftermarket Swivel Seats- Passenger & Driver Seat :

  1. Alpine Mechanisms - manufactured in Colorado

  2. Bolt in system with no modifications to Mercedes or Ford seat base

  3. Easy to use & opens up floor plan

Swivels from Off Highway Van

Four Season Package:

  1. Internal & Heated 20 gal water tank

  2. Automatic heated system that kicks on when temperature drops below a set degree limit

  3. This allows for leaving your van sitting for multiple days or weeks without any worry of pipes freezing.

  4. Diesel Water & Air Heating System

  5. Rixen Hydronic w/ S-3 Diesel Furnace

  6. Insulated Floor

  7. Layer of insulation put down between metal & OHV subfloor

  8. Eliminating Thermal Barrier in floor

  9. Double Insulation

  10. 2-layers of insulation within walls of van

  11. Eliminating Thermal barrier + additional insulation for heat

  12. Heated Gray Water Tank

  13. Undermounted Gray Water

  14. Heated pad, which runs off of the Rixen System, keeps the tank at a warm temperature throughout all seasons.

**Eliminates Espar Heater which is included in Base build**

OHV Camper Van Plumbing Upgrade


Sprinter Traction Boost (LSD):

  • The overall crowd pleaser and essential to getting off road and off grid - the OHV Traction-Boost Limited Slip Differential. Our customers actually use their vans out in the desert or backcountry all year round. Adding this product will enable them to avoid embarrassing situations like getting stuck in the ski-resort parking lot.

  • From the start, we needed a solution that didn’t affect the tire wear, road noise, or fuel economy. Our Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential accomplishes these goals while providing the optimum balance of traction, and it’s something you don’t have to worry about turning on/off or affecting the driving dynamics of your van. It simply works in all situations, without any user or electronic interface needed.

  • See video linked here for more details.

OHV Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential
Photo Courtesy of Cody Updike/VanBuilders


Sprinter Ride Control Kit (19'+ Mercedes Sprinters) :

  1. Steeped in OHV's history of high performance suspension tuning. Our owner and humble leader, Aaron, spent years working for some of the biggest names in the automotive and motorsports industries, seeking out traction and performance gains through suspension tweaking.

  2. OHV designed Sprinter Ride Control Kit is engineered around getting off the beaten path with a smooth and comfortable ride. An immediate upgrade to any Sprinter van VS30 and NCV3.

  3. Even though adventure vehicles like seeing rugged trails, we have designed this kit with riding performance strictly in mind. This means top performance on long highway drives between those rugged off-road trails.

  4. Kit Includes

  5. Two Auxiliary Front Shocks and Mounting Brackets

  6. Two Rear Replacement Shocks and Mounting Brackets

  7. Polyurethane Bushings

  8. All necessary hardware

OHV Sprinter Ride Control Kit

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