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Introducing Our Newest Model - The Spur

When we first started building out camper vans in 2016, we leaned heavily upon our motorsports background and experience. These lessons learned are core and fundamental to any Off Highway Van. The combo of lightweight materials, high quality construction, and highly engineered systems all come together to give you a durable camper van that can withstand the rigors of off-road trails and all of your adventures that bring dirt and wear inside the van too. With over 150 vans built so far - we’ve also worked through layouts and floor plans that truly make sense for the outdoor enthusiast. Functional galleys, hang-out areas, and plenty of garage space for all of your gear are essential to any OHV.

With our newest model - The Spur - we've made a camper van that's easier for you to step into and hit the road. Utilizing quality materials and lightweight construction that's core to OHV, this built out conversion van has all of the essentials without the fuss. Fully insulated, it's ready to roll for everything from weekend getaways to extended trips out in the wilderness all year round. Featuring a bed with seating and storage boxes that are removable - it's modular, roomy, and simple. Also included is a galley, ample water capacity, electrical power, and a roof vent for a true base camp to your expeditions. Topped off with off-road tires on our blackout wheel package and a roof rack for hauling even more gear, it's fast and light - but fully off-road and off-grid capable. This is the adventure van made for outdoors enthusiasts that work hard and play hard. Everything you need, and nothing you don't.


  • Fully insulated, vinyl marine grade flooring

  • Lightweight aluminum composite wall and ceiling construction

  • Lightweight aluminum galley with undermount sink and faucet

  • Lightweight upper aluminum cabinets

  • Simple, easy water system with electric pump

  • Ample garage storage for all of your gear (Skis, snowboards, bikes, boots, ropes, bags, chairs,


  • 12V Electrical system with outlets

  • Flip down bed system for bench seating backrest - fully removable for van cargo use

  • Comfort premium 4" bed mattress with hand-sewn matching seat cushions

  • 3 Box bench seat with lids - fully removable for modularity and quick floorplan changes

  • Minimalist roof rack

  • Roof fan/vent

  • Interior lighting

  • Blackout wheel and off-road tire package

  • Rear tire carrier

  • L-track in flooring for additional seating upgrades

Reach out to us today to get started on your own Spur -

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