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Optimizing Gear Space For Your Van Build

Have you noticed a common trend in all of our custom camper van builds? Garage space. Yes - we always make it a priority.

Haul your adventure gear in a campervan made by Off Highway Van

We are outdoor enthusiasts here at Off Highway Van. We’re mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, ski-tourers, split borders, trail runners, climbers, fly-fishermen, kayakers, boaters, cyclists, hikers, motorcyclists, and just plain campers. It’s evident and apparent from the moment you start chatting with us about your campervan build.

Campervans by OHV are designed with skiers and snowboarders in mind.

It’s something we connect with when discussing and planning van builds with our customers - the adventures and outdoor places we love to go or aspire to visit. It’s part of the magic that makes our campervans so capable of getting off-road and off-grid. While we probably aren’t your typical van-lifers, we utilize the van in a different way. We aim to get you, your family and friends, as well as your gear - out into the wilderness. Our cumulative outdoor experience here at OHV is a benefit to you.

Here at Off Highway Van, we're moto people, and know how to build a campervan for moto people.

We believe the campervan should be utilized as a tool to make getting into the backcountry easier. You’ll notice that in every floor plan or layout of our vans, we make room for the bikes, skis, boots, ropes, rods, bags, and just about anything you need to truly enjoy the outdoors.

Similarly, in this effort - we produce a host of parts and accessories for the Sprinter and ProMaster vans to take both them and your gear further down the trail.

Start Building Your Gear-Hauling Dream Van

Ready to get started on your very own mobile basecamp? The experts at Off Highway van are here to help you design and build the van of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!


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