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The Off Highway Van Doc Holiday Camper Van
Off Highway Van Gear Hauling
Off Highway Van Off Road Capable

Customizable Colors 

4 Week Build - Get Rolling Right Away

Designed to Haul Your Adventure Gear

5-7 People

Off-Road and Off-Grid Capable

The Doc Holliday is a modern day family truckster. It's more than a family hauler - it's a totally comprehensive van conversion for outdoor families. We say comprehensive because even though it’s one of our most economical builds, it ticks all the boxes you need for a fully-prepped family expedition. It has seamlessly integrated solutions for your house battery system, off-grid charging, cooking, washing, storing cold food, sleeping, sitting, and air-venting.


The interior is completed with a full panel and insulation kit, and tons of storage for days on the road. And to top it all off, we don’t skimp on material choices either; you get stainless appliances, a choice of custom tweed fabrics, butcher block countertops, and sleek aluminum structures for storage.


Building a Sprinter or Transit van that can be your family base camp for adventures is not an easy task. It takes a lot of experience and fore-thought to dial-in the perfect package of features. Think of the Doc Holliday not as a rookie to the outdoors, but rather that slimmed-down mountain veteran that simply knows what’s critical for a good time. This floor pan is also compatible with both the Mercedes Sprinter 144"/170" and Ford Transit 148" wheelbases.


Gallery photos may reflect upgrades to initial core build package


Camper Van Ready

• Aluminum/Composites Wall and Ceiling Panels
• Insulation Package (Synthetic Thermal Barrier, Foil backed close cell foam
thermal barrier, Butyl sound deadener)
• 3/4” Marine Grade Wood Subfloor
• Vinyl Marine Grade Flooring
• Roof Mounted Fan
• Espar D2L Air Heater
• Side Bump Outs for more sleeping space

Off Highway Van Doc Holiday Engineering Render

Save the plywood and particle board for your house renovation - 

Get started on a real, quality camper van build.

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