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Fully Customizable

Moderate Price

6-8 Months

Available for a significantly quicker build slot, the Prerunner Package features a nimble and rugged lightweight van that gets better fuel mileage and is set up for exploring the backcountry.  This option allows customers to make any Sprinter extremely capable in all road and weather conditions while saving you money on the base van itself. With specialized parts and access to our earliest build start dates, the Prerunner Package is the best option for a faster and reliable van build.


Why Choose the Prerunner Package?

Mercedes Sprinters are extremely capable vehicles on their own and now thanks to the Prerunner Package from OHV, you can boost vehicle performance and traction in any situation. Included in the Prerunner Package are a set of 32” tires, our OHV shocks and lift kit, as well as our Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential that provides passive traction and safety for all road conditions. Active when you need it, even if you don’t realize you do, for the ultimate vacation machine to take you into the desert or mountains.


Each OHV floorplan is compatible with the Prerunner Package upgrade. Whether you are looking for an off-grid set up or plan to use the van for more traditional family vacations and camping, the Prerunner Package enables any build to go further and travel safer, more confidently.


Ready to book the
Prerunner Package?

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