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Off Highway Van

Sprinter 4x4

Fully Customizable

Premium Build

4-6 Weeks

The 4x4 Model from Mercedes is the classic van chassis choice for those looking to get further into the backcountry. While these vehicles are a great start to any build, lead times and pricing vary depending on options, but generally, this will be the most expensive option with the longest lead time (9-11 months out).

Off Highway Van Sprinter 4x4

Why should you build an OHV Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4?

Most OHV builds have been on Mercedes Sprinters. We have a lot of experience when it comes to building on this platform. Whether you are looking for a floorplan that accommodates 3-5 people, needs an interior shower, or just custom components to haul your adventure gear, OHV has a Sprinter-based floorplan to meet those needs. 


The Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 comes with a diesel engine increasing vehicle durability and lifespan. If you plan to self-source one of these vehicles to bring to OHV, please give us a call to talk about best setup and configuration. Each build comes with a variety of upgrades, one of those being our Limited-Slip Differential. This upgrade is also part of our Prerunner Package which comes with an earlier lead time as well. Whatever Sprinter you choose for your base, OHV can help you explore even more backcountry and wilderness. 

Ready to build your OHV Sprinter? Contact us to get started.

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