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Off Highway Van ProMaster EGuard


by EDGE Vanworks

Price: $1040 (Includes installation)
Compatibility: RAM ProMaster 1500's, 2500's, and 3500's

A product focused on protecting your ride.

Add protection for sensitive underbody components to your RAM ProMaster adventure van. 

Off Highway Van Promaster EGuard
Off Highway Van Promaster EGuard

Think of the Eguard as a shield that protects the underside of critical vehicle components such as the engine and transmission. All of us have encountered sudden debris, objects, or unexpected terrain while traveling and questioned if what we just ran over caused any significant damage. The E-Guard protects from such situations and provides the assurance that your custom ProMaster is prepared for anything of the sort. 

The Eguard, made by our friends at EDGE Vanworks, acts as a protective skid plate and is designed to fit all RAM ProMaster 1500's, 2500's, and 3500's. Because ProMasters are not manufactured as off-road vehicles, they have low-mounted parts that leave them vulnerable to bottoming out and other accidents that could result in vehicle malfunctions or immobility. For example, alternators on standard ProMasters are especially at risk and if damaged, can result in expensive repairs. 

ProMasters are engineered as delivery vehicles to simply roam around town. This doesn't mean they can't be modified, but it does present some challenges for those converting them into adventure machines. OHV offers parts like the E-Guard because we know what hurdles to expect when it comes to building vans. Save yourself some stress on the next family vacation and protect your ride and passengers with the EDGE Vanworks Eguard. 

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