OHV installs only OHV approved products and parts for the Sprinter, Transit, and ProMaster chassis. We do not have the capabilities to do van modifications or installations on any vans outside of the above listed van chassis. 

As you use your van, you may discover some desired adjustments or improvements that better match your lifestyle even after your OHV build has been completed. Whether you have an active warranty or not, feel free to reach out to discuss repairs or modifications you may be considering. OHV is happy to assist and collaborate with our customers about upgrades and possible changes to our builds. 

If you own an Off Highway Van and have questions about making some updates, you can reach us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

To get my van serviced, do I have to make an appointment or can I just show up?

We are always happy to help our customers with any servicing needs they may have. That being said, we will be better prepared to assist and serve you if we are notified in advance. Due to the volume of customers we assist, booking an appointment will ensure more effective service. To make an appointment or talk more about your van's needs, please contact us at

What’s covered under my warranty?

Craftsmanship and anything installed by OHV. That includes systems such as solar, electric, HVAC, and water. Parts and installs are covered under a 1-year warranty after which your van's coverage defaults back to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

I’m having mechanical problems with my van, do I send it to OHV or my local dealership to be serviced?

OHV works exclusively on the parts and systems we install. Floorplans, systems, and custom OHV suspension components are typically what we service. If you are still uncertain, feel free to email us at