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OHV Promaster Reinforced Front Axle

OHV improved replacement promaster axle (IRPA)

RAM ProMasters is an excellent choice when it comes to building a custom van. They are spacious and often less expensive than their Sprinter competitors. Unfortunately, these vehicles are not designed for all-terrain conditions. ProMasters are built to drive on smooth paved roads and come with limited suspension performance. Taking Promasters off-road can leave suspension components vulnerable to damage and failure, but thanks to our innovative team of engineers, OHV is prepared to install more durable and long-lasting parts specifically designed for the RAM Promaster. 


One particularly vulnerable component on RAM Promaster suspensions is the front axles. Located just behind the wheels, the axle’s job is to transfer power from the engine while simultaneously allowing the wheels to maneuver and adjust to varying terrain. This makes them a critical part of the suspension system. Rocky and bumpy roads demand higher performance components that are built to handle the rough terrain. To reduce the risk of axle damage, OHV is now offering its own custom front axle to help prepare your van for even more adventures. 


How Does it Work?  


Promaster stock axles come with what are called plunger joints, which act like knees and elbows in the human body. As the vehicle encounters different terrains, these joints respond by flexing the arms of the axle thus allowing wheels to raise and lower. Roads that are not smoothly paved can easily over-stress these standard joints which can result in vehicle immobility. Obviously, if you are exploring unmapped territory, this is not ideal. Ensure that your ProMaster is prepared by installing Off HIghway Van Reinforced Axles. 


The OHV Front Axle is designed to eliminate that risk by replacing these weaker plunger joints with a slider mechanism. This design behaves similarly to a shock which gives the axles greater absorption and flexibility over rough terrain, resulting in a more dependable suspension system. Additionally, the front axle is designed to complement the OHV Promaster Lift Kit. The two parts work together to produce greater clearance and assurance for ProMasters looking to take their rig off-road as soon as possible. 


Go Anywhere


The OHV Front Axle System is guaranteed to enhance your Promaster’s off-road performance. Our experienced team is familiar with the challenges and risks associated with Promaster conversions and has designed parts to meet the specific needs of our customers. As vans continue to be pushed to new limits, Off Highway Van will continue to engineer parts ready to tackle the challenge. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this installation void my vans factory warranty?


Does the OHV Axle change the ride quality?

Will there be any additional maintenance?

Can I have the axles installed locally rather than driving out to Utah to have it installed by Off Highway Van?

The crew at Off Highway Van enjoy meeting all those who bring their vans in to have the kit installed they understand that the distance or time commitment just doesn't work for some customers. That being the case suspension shops all over the nation have installed the lift kit with no problem, OHV is happy to provide a copy of the instructions to your shop of choice so they can review it first and then let you know if they are comfortable doing the installation assuming you are comfortable having them do the installation for you.

Is the Off HIghway Van Reinforced Axle compatible with all vans?

No. The Axle is designed for the RAM Promaster years 2014-2021.

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