Sundance Kid

The perfect Sprinter or Transit van home for extended multi-purpose trips into the wild, without any unnecessary features to weigh you down.


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If there were van popularity contests at trailheads: The Sundance Kid van-build for the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit would be judged as everyone’s best friend. That’s because the contents of this OHV package address everyone’s needs for functionality when venturing outdoors and on the road. Moreover, it does-so with a tremendous amount of style, and even more customization potential. It has all the critical elements needed for you and your family’s adventures in a Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit van: A house electrical system with tons of outlets and solar charging; a proper kitchen setup with large refrigerator, faucet & sink setup, tons of dry food storage, and ample cooking and cleaning space; a sleeping and relaxing setup with modular bed and bench system; a ventilation system with multiple windows and fans; and a garage area to organize and store all your gear when not in-use. And if you think it’s lacking anything? The list of optional Sprinter or Transit van upgrades is staggering. Think of the Sundance Kid as your friend that shows up to the campfire unannounced but somehow winds up cooking you dinner, cleaning all the dishes, having an extra sleeping pad for you, and telling stories no-one will forget for a looooonnnnggg time. Simply dialed for outdoor van life.

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