Butch Cassidy

The most versatile turn-key Sprinter van on the road, it's suitable for all outdoor adventures from glamping weekends to month-long remote backcountry expeditions.


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6 weeks




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The Butch Cassidy from OHV is essentially that house you looked at in the perfect neighborhood, that has the huge kitchen and high-ceilings, grand bedrooms with a view, and is move-in ready with zero thought given to future upgrades. That’s because just like buying your dream home, the Butch Cassidy gives you all of that — only you can move your neighborhood or change your view whenever you want. OHV made sure that this Mercedes Sprinter van-build was the most comprehensive and well thought-out on the market today. It goes above & beyond just providing functionality for the outdoors: It gives you all the tools to rely on for any circumstance you would possibly be in. To start, the OHV Butch Cassidy has more battery storage, power outlets, and solar charging capacity than most small houses. Some of that power potential is superfluous; but some is needed to run three “dream home” systems: An oversized galley kitchen with induction stovetop, an elaborate cabin and water heating system for sink and shower, and an off-grid cabin A/C system for hot days and nights. These types of lust-worthy upgrades are not only found throughout the build, but they’re also coupled with attention to detail and material choices that will leave you wanting to extend your trip for just a couple more days. This is the Sprinter van-build that makes you and your family “the Joneses.”

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